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New Sql Features On Oracle Database 21C

In this article, we will see what new features have been released by Oracle to make SQL more efficient.

Oracle 21c database released in 2021 by the most popular database management system that comes with a wide range of new features that I designed to improve SQL query performance and reduce database management complexity. In this article, we will see the important SQL features of Oracle 21c.

Automatic indexing

Automatic indexing is one of the coolest new features in Oracle Database 21c. This feature uses machine learning algorithms to automatically create and tune indexes based on database workload. With this feature DBAs will no longer need to create or maintain indexes manually, reducing time and avoiding fallible errors. Automatic indexing can also improve SQL query performance by creating indexes tailored to the specific database workload.

JSON data type

Oracle Database 21c introduces a native JSON data type, making it easier to store and manipulate JSON data in the database. Developers can store JSON data in its native format rather than storing data in relational structures using this new JSON data type. This can improve performance and simplify data modeling for applications that use JSON data.

Blockchain Tables

Oracle Database 21c includes support for blockchain tables, which are a new type of table that can be used to store and manage blockchain data. With blockchain tables, developers can easily store and manage blockchain data in the database, without the need for complex integration with external blockchain networks.

Multi-Tenant Improvements

Oracle Database 21c includes several enhancements to its multi-tenant architecture, which allows multiple databases to run on a single instance of Oracle database software. The most significant enhancements or features introduced is to clone a PDB (pluggable database) in a single step. This can save a lot of time and simplify the process with the DBMS.

SQL macros

Oracle Database 21c introduces SQL Macros, which allow developers to define reusable SQL code snippets that can be used in SQL statements. SQL macros can help simplify complex SQL statements, reduce code duplication, and improve code maintainability.

In conclusion, Oracle Database 21c comes with a range of new SQL features designed to improve database performance, simplify database management, and support modern application development practices. With features such as automatic indexing, native JSON support, blockchain tables, multi-tenancy enhancements, and SQL macros, Oracle 21c is an important release that will help organizations unlock the full potential of their data infrastructure. database.

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