Rising AI Anxiety: Japanese Public Demands Tougher Regulations as Chatbots Invade Everyday Life [Advance Cash ]

Rising Ai Anxiety: Japanese Public Demands Tougher Regulations As Chatbots Invade Everyday Life

The growing integration of AI chatbots into contemporary technology and daily life has raised increased concerns among the public in Japan.

A study from the country released on April 30 found that a significant portion of the Japanese population is worried about the widespread use of AI chatbots.

Kyodo News reported that 69.4% of Japanese respondents are calling for stricter regulation of AI development.


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This survey is part of a larger study looking at various issues such as government approval ratings and pandemic-related issues.

The AI ​​section is gaining relevance as Japanese officials have recently expressed support for OpenAI, the organization behind ChatGPT.

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Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said on April 10 that the government was studying the possibility of integrating AI into its systems.

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However, this can only be achieved if privacy and cybersecurity concerns are adequately addressed.

Japan has also promoted a more innovation-friendly environment for the crypto and Web3 industries.

The country's Web3 project team published a white paper on April 6, discussing strategies to strengthen the local cryptocurrency market.

Governments around the world have been examining regulations on AI and the technology's potential societal impacts. Italy was among the first nations to temporarily suspend the use of ChatGPT.

However, officials recently suggested the technology could return after meeting transparency requirements.

In Germany, regulators have launched an investigation into ChatGPT's compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. At the same time, lawmakers across the European Union are working on the Artificial Intelligence Act, which will serve as a guideline for all member states.

Chinese authorities also announced that AI companies and technology will soon undergo mandatory security reviews in response to the rapid development of AI.

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