Shaquille O'Neal found and served by cryptocurrency lawsuit in NBA playoff game [Advance Cash ]

Shaquille O'Neal Found And Served By Cryptocurrency Lawsuit In Nba Playoff Game

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal was served with legal documents during a broadcast of Miami Heat's NBA Eastern Conference final game over a complaint about the collapse of the trade FTX cryptocurrency

Shaquille O'Neal was found by a bailiff who gave him legal documents following an FTX complaint(Getty)

Shaquille O'Neal has been served in a case involving the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Legal documents were handed over to the NBA legend and TV analyst during the broadcast of the Miami Heat's Eastern Conference playoff final against the Boston Celtics in Miami.

That's according to plaintiffs' attorney Adam Moskowitz, who told CBS MoneyWatch that the 51-year-old had been "hiding" from the process servers for months before being found at the Kaseya Center, which s was coincidentally called the FTX Arena on Tuesday.

Forbes previously reported that Moskowitz hired four different companies to deliver the lawsuit to O'Neal after numerous failed attempts.

The class action lawsuit is believed to relate to O'Neal - alongside other celebrities - from appearances in advertisements for the crypto-trading platform before its bankruptcy.

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested in January and charged with wire fraud, securities fraud, money laundering and more.

Moskowitz added that the process server filmed his interactions with the NBA legend and that Shaq tried to have the person kicked out of the arena.

"They gave video of most services (not all), so we'd be shocked if they raised any issues," Moskowitz said. "We've also served a copy on his attorney Bobby Martinez, so there's no question he's been served!"