SinVerse Secures Strategic Partnership and Investment from DWF Labs to Boost Web-3 Gaming Industry [Advance Cash ]

Sinverse Secures Strategic Partnership And Investment From Dwf Labs To Boost Web-3 Gaming Industry

SinVerse Studios, a pioneering web-3 game studio, has entered into a substantial seven-figure investment deal led by DWF Labs in an effort to help its platform grow and cement its leadership position in the industry. The partnership marks an important milestone for SinVerse Studios, with DWF Labs providing strategic support and backing to accelerate the company's ambitious plans for the future.

SinVerse - DWF Laboratories

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SinVerse Studios is changing the gaming industry with the creation of the first ever Mafia Metaverse on the Blockchain. Since launching in October 2021, SinVerse Studios has quickly gained a massive community and reached a remarkable milestone with a highly successful land sale, generating $3.5 million in revenue.

With the strategic partnership and investment of DWF Labs, SinVerse Studios is poised to take its game to the next level with the pioneering development of the first-ever Web-3 game console, The NFT Cube.

"We are thrilled to become lead investors and strategic partners for SinVerse Studios, supporting their vision to build one of the highest quality and most engaging metaverse projects with an impressive 18 months of development behind them," - said Andrei Grachev, managing partner of DWF Labs. "We are excited to bring our expertise, capital and strategic advice to accelerate their growth and drive the future of the gaming industry."

Rutherford Atayobo, COO of SinVerse Studios, expressed his excitement for the partnership, saying: “We are delighted to have partnered with one of the leading players in the Web-3 ecosystem. With their extensive relationships and strategic support, we believe we are well positioned to become one of the largest Web-3 projects in the industry.

This strategic partnership between SinVerse Studios and DWF Labs marks an important milestone in the evolution of the Blockchain gaming industry. With DWF Labs' unparalleled expertise and strategic support, SinVerse Studios is potentially primed for growth, further cementing the potential of Blockchain gaming as a mainstream category.

About SinVerse

SinVerse pioneered the Mafia Metaverse on the Blockchain, disrupting the gaming industry with innovative gameplay. With a rapidly growing community and successful land sales, SinVerse Studios is potentially poised to grow with the support of DWF Labs, as the two companies work on the groundbreaking development of the first-ever Web-3 game console, The NFT Cube. SinVerse's native token "SIN" currently runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and is currently available for trading on Kucoin, Gate io, BitGet, and MEXC Exchange.

About DWF Laboratories

DWF Labs is a global digital asset market leader and web3 multi-stage investment firm, providing support ranging from token listings to market making to OTC trading solutions. DWF Labs seeks to invest and support bold founders who want to build the future of Web3.

DWF Labs has a presence in Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, BVI and UAE and trades nearly 2,000 pairs with daily volume that places DWF Labs among the top 5 ranking entities trading on the top 40 exchanges world.

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