Twitter has partnered with eToro to offer crypto and stock trading [Advance Cash ]

  • As of March 1, Twitter had over 450 million monthly active users.
  • Twitter plans to expand its involvement in the financial market.

Twitter, the social media giant, has partnered with eToro, a social trading company, to offer its users a new access experience related to cryptocurrency and stocks. The feature will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies within the platform.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC, the company announced that starting April 13, a new feature to view market charts on an expanded range of financial instruments and to buy and sell stocks and other assets using eToro.

According to some data, Twitter will offer data like TradingView does.

Charts shown on Twitter will be linked via TradingView, as Twitter uses an application programming interface.

The eToro spokesperson said Twitter's collaboration with trading platforms would help the social media giant expand to cover many more instruments and asset classes.

  • On Twitter, users need to click on the post on eToro option.
  • After clicking, the user will be directly redirected to a trading platform where they can easily buy and sell digital assets, stocks, etc.

eToro CEO Yoni Assia mentioned in the interview, "While we have experienced remarkable growth over the past three years, we have seen more and more of our users interacting on Twitter and learning about markets."

Yoni praised the collaboration between Twitter and eToro, pointing to the best quality and real-time content on corporate financial analysis. She added that the partnership would help both companies reach more audiences and connect better.

Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion in October 2022, and since taking over as CEO he has laid off more than 80% of Twitter employees. According to Musk's recent interview, only 1,500 employees actively work for Twitter.

Due to Elon Musk's series of decisions over time, Twitter has lost its majority of advertisers, but in the latest interview, Musk said "almost" all investors have returned to the app, Except for Stellantis and Volkswagen, the companies have no plans to return to Twitter.

According to TheCoinRepublic, Twitter's old logo featured a blue bird which symbolizes freedom and hope, with the blue color associated with freedom and unity being modified by the Twitter community. The Dogecoin logo has replaced Twitter's old blue bird.


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