With the help of AI, Jackson Pollock's art finds new life on the blockchain [Advance Cash ]

With The Help Of Ai, Jackson Pollock'S Art Finds New Life On The Blockchain

The Jackson Pollock Studio enters the digital landscape, acting as custodian of the late artist's legacy. By partnering with Iconic Moments, the studio is set to unveil Beyond the Edge, a debut collection of limited-edition prints and NFTs that capture the essence of the unparalleled artist. All pieces will feature the splattered paint that landed just beyond the edges of Pollock's masterpieces.

Pollock's artistic brilliance will now resonate in formats that go beyond conventional canvas. Beyond the possibility of owning a piece, selected works from the collection will find their place in the permanent exhibition of the Pollock-Krasner House & Study Center located in East Hampton, New York.

Inside the collection

Credit: The Jackson Pollock Studio

The release includes four curated works, with 125 pieces of each. To create these works, high-resolution photos were taken of the paint splatters on the floor of Pollock's studio, which had accumulated over time. Using AI, these separate elements were put together to create four different works of art.

"Generally, what's on the floor of most artists' studios has no direct relationship to what's on the canvas," said Helen A. Harrison, director of the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center. “But Pollock's overflow onto the floor is analogous to the gestures in his canvases. You can link its process directly to the product.

Each NFT owner will also receive a limited edition physical print, hand numbered and stamped by Jackson Pollock Studio. The NFTs, including their corresponding physical impressions, are priced at 0.8 ETH ($1,500) each.

The majority of campaign proceeds will go towards the preservation and upkeep of the Pollock studio, ensuring that this essential piece of art history remains intact for future generations.

With The Help Of Ai Jackson Pollocks Art Finds New
Credit: The Jackson Pollock Studio

A multi-chain affair

In addition to limited edition prints and NFTs, there are other aspects that further increase the collection. The second drop will involve Bitcoin Ordinals, named Pollock Ordinals, slated for an August launch. The third drop will see collaborations with three digital artists, with an expected release date of mid-August. The first collaborating artist, Lucretius, was revealed on Saturday. Iconic's Twitter will announce more information about other artists and their release dates.

The Pollock Enigma, an engaging Web3 puzzle centered around Pollock's trivia, is also currently available. The first participant to successfully untangle the series will win a printed and digital artifact.