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SHIB Becomes 2nd Trending Crypto on CoinMarketCap After Shytoshi Kusama's Easter Wishes

Yesterday, SHIB enthusiasts found their beloved token on the second place of CoinMarketCap's list of trending cryptocurrencies. The dog-themed asset found itself between Arbitrum (ARB), which held the top spot, and Terra Classic (LUC), which became the third most popular crypto. Two events over the weekend may have helped SHIB become the runner-up, and both happened thanks to SHIB leader Shytoshi Kusama. First, Kusama dropped a vague hint about the Shibarium mainnet development progress. Second, the SHIB leader wished the community a happy Easter Sunday, which drew enthusiastic responses from the SHIB army.

Analyst Names Year Ethereum (ETH) Could Hit $10,000

According to a recent prediction by analyst Chris Burniske, the price of Ethereum could hit highs of $10,000 by 2025. Some might see such a prediction as bold, especially given the asset's current price of $1,858; however, Burniske's optimism may not be demotivated. Several factors could contribute to Ethereum's bullish rally in the near future. First, unlocking the staking contract could lead to increased adoption of Ethereum. Second, the value of ETH could be boosted by renewed interest from institutional investors in blockchain and digital currencies. Third, the introduction of EIP-1559, which implements a fee burning mechanism, could make Ethereum rarer, potentially causing its value to increase over time.

As Bitcoin (BTC) surges to $29,000, Peter Brandt predicts imminent breakout

In his tweet yesterday, the prominent commodities trader Pierre Brandt shared a Bitcoin daily chart, drawing attention to the flagship cryptocurrency. He commented on the chart by writing "Breakout", thus predicting the imminent rise of Bitcoin. The tweet comes as the crypto king's price hit its highest level since June 2022. Bitcoin's price surge above $29,000 was not left unnoticed by fellow trader Scott Redler, who has said in his tweet that BTC seemed poised for further gains. As reported by U.Today, Today, the value of Bitcoin rose further, reaching the $30,000 level. At the time of writing, BTC is changing hands at $30,062, according to CoinMarketCap.

Scam Alert: Beware the SHIB Army - new scam operating in this popular method

According to a recent tweet from Shiba Inu enthusiast @theshibdream, there is a new scam spread via an NFT airdrop that targets the SHIB community. He wrote that some people had received an NFT airdrop from "Shibaswapdeployer", which was not authorized. The enthusiast warned SHIB Army soldiers that NFTs should not be opened or interacted with under any circumstances, as they may contain malicious code and, therefore, break the security of the wallets of those who open them. @theshibdream also urged everyone to be careful and never share their private keys with anyone, even within the SHIB community.